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This is my personal website and here you'll find some of the projects I develop on my spare time, many of them related to electronics and/or Linux. This website is one of these projects.

There's also a section with pictures of places I visited and a guestbook if you wish to leave a comment.

To contact me about any questions regarding any project, use the form at the bottom of this page or the email address at the contacts page.

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Amstrad PPC 512 / 640 ISA Expansion Card

amstrad ppc
Finally an ISA expansion card for the Amstrad PPC 512 and PPC 640 "portable" computers from 1987. I had this project on standby for several years until on January 2021 an YouTube video "reminded me" I had to finish it.
This expansion card will let you connect ISA cards to your Amstrad PPC computer, like for example an XT-IDE card or a VGA card and give a new life to these old computers.

Go to the Amstrad PPC 512 & 640 ISA Expansion Card page for more details.


PS2 to Serial mouse adapter

pc pointer pcb
I needed a serial mouse for a 486 computer but I wasn't able to find one at reasonable prices. Searching the web I found 2 projects capable of translating the PS2 mouse protocol to Serial (in Microsoft mode). I chose to use PC Pointer from http://www.kewl.org.

Go to the PS2 to Serial Mouse Adapter page for more details.


USB/PS2 Mouse for the PC1

the olivetti pc1
My Olivetti PC1 needs a mouse so I can play games like Arkanoid or run the GEM desktop environment and I don't have the original mouse. Check the tutorial on how to create your own adapter at the USB/PS2 Mouse Adapter for the Olivetti PC1 page.

Go to the USB/PS2 Mouse Adapter for the Olivetti PC1 page for more details.


Internet on the Olivetti PC1

the olivetti pc1
Internet on the Olivetti PC1? Yes why not, it's possible! Check the tutorial on the Internet on the PC1 page. Spoiler alert, I'm using mTCP and one ISA modem.

Go to the Internet on the Olivetti PC1 page for more details.


The Olivetti Prodest PC1

the olivetti pc1
Do you have an Olivetti PC1? I got this 30 year old Olivetti Prodest PC1 in October 2016 and got it working again. If you're into old computers or retro computer scene, read on or just watch the pictures and videos.

Go to the Reviving the Olivetti PC1 page for more details.


ISA riser for Olivetti PC1

pc1 riser 8 bit icon
Do you have an Olivetti PC1? Need an ISA 8 bit riser to connect other peripherals? This is probably for you! The project consists of an ISA riser long enough to reach the contacts of the PC1 hidden side expansion slot.


Go to the ISA Riser 8 bit for Olivetti PC1 and other XT computers for more details.


★ HEX file doesn't work!

Several times I received emails like "I programmed file FILE.HEX and it doesn't work" or "none of your .HEX files work". If you are having issues with the files available on this website read the HEX does not work page and try the solutions presented there before assuming the problem is in the HEX file.

If you are experiencing some problem not documented there, send me an email and I'll try to help you solve it.

Server information

Currently Enide! runs on an HP Proliant G7 N54L MicroServer and is self hosted.

Previously it ran on two small computers, one based on a VIA EPIA 5000 Fanless Motherboard and the other on a D945GCLF Atom 230 Motherboard.

The operating system is the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.

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