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Posted on 18-12-2020 11:37 by Hevandyr Barbuto Jr ( São Paulo , Brasil ) hevandyr <at> hotmail <dot> com
Thanks for the excellent work with electronics and computing. Your contribution is very important for the community. A big hug from Hevandyr.
Posted on 04-06-2017 15:57 by Brian Clark ( Lippstadt , Germany ) bclark <at> t-online <dot> de

Thank you for a nice useful home page like to see more new projects from you till next time all the best.

Posted on 28-11-2016 04:57 by Coskun K. ( Turkey )
Thank you for sharing useful projects.
73' TA2FK
Posted on 07-05-2016 09:27 by Mario Ivanov ( Sofia , Bulgaria ) marioiv <at> abv <dot> bg
Very nice site, very useful projects. I used some source codes in my hobby projects. Thank you and go on.
Posted on 27-04-2016 22:15 by Akash Ahmed ( Bangladesh , Bangladesh ) akashahmed750 <at> gmail <dot> com

Nice website! i am hobbyist, i read full artical "Light Dimmer with Infrared remote control" is very good. i was download soyrce code (, but having problam not work,whats my wrong, pls help me any update source code.thanks

Reply: please send details about the error so I can provide some help.

Posted on 21-07-2014 22:15 by Paul Baxter ( Virginia , Us ) wa1wjb <at> charter <dot> net
thanks for the aprs tnc information. I am still looking around to find just the right one. Paul VP9KS / WA1WJB
Posted on 07-07-2014 16:42 by Ralf ( Germany ) ralf <at> flipperkeller <dot> de

Great stuff, especially the PIC Sound Player as I was looking to create something similar to integrate in a pinball maschine.(see my website)You mentioned that you will work on playing from an SD card. Did you had already time to work on that? best regards

  | <Joao> Sorry, I didn't improve the storage to use a SD card yet. However there are similar solutions available like the Arduino Wave Shield that read files from a SD card.

Posted on 23-06-2014 22:31 by zerroudi zerrouditlse <at> gmail <dot> com

Good job, congratulations.

Posted on 12-12-2013 13:49 by Jeff ( Gloucestershire , UK )
Electronic candle sim is superb. I was going to design one of these myself, but no need. You've done all the work for me and it's perfect. Thanks :)
Posted on 08-11-2013 18:27 by Ilhan ( Germany ) Rm6 <at> gmail <dot> com

Die Homepage ist wirklich sehr gut geworden! Klasse! :)

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