APRS on the Pocket PC


Motivation and overview

Give a second life to the HP 2490 Pocket PC and run SV2AGW APRS tracker.


Currently the HP 2490 runs SV2AGW Pocket APRS Tracker on Windows Mobile 6.1.

It's configured to connect via the internet to the APRS server of CT1EJC and get traffic from the Iberian Peninsula only. It will also broadcast its position in Portugal.

See the downloads section below to get the software. It's available as HamWare according to the author's original license.


Pictures and Videos



List of files for this project. Licensed as HAMShareWare by the author.



  1. SV2AGW's website - www.sv2agw.com
  2. APRS CT1EJC server - Description of the various ports available with traffic from different world regions



Published on Thursday 2018/12/20, last modified on Thursday 2018/12/20