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POTS modem sounds from Bell 103 up to V.34

In this page you can find and listen to some sounds produced by analog POTS modems at different modulations, and bitrates.



My WB8WGA Simple Inexpensive TNC for APRS

My WB8WGA Simple Inexpensive TNC circuit with new firmware to use with a 18B20 temperature sensor, and GPS+Status beaconing while in GPS mode..



Basic Frequency Counter


This project is about building a frequency counter, using a 2x16 LCD and a small PIC 18F1320 micro-controller for a AM/FM 47-860MHz wide band receiver.



TNC2-CT Terminal Node Controller @ 1200bps or 9600bps

Not Yet (I'm searching for the schematics)
A TNC is a Z80-based single-board computer which is connected to the serial port of a computer. It has a small on-board modem and a Z80 core with memory and SIO. The Z80 runs a program that implements the AX.25 protocol used in amateur packet radio.
The aim of this project was to develop a TNC capable of connect to multiple RF modems and running a wide range of existing software. It was developed in 1991 by CT1DMK and CT1DIA.



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