Intel D945GCLF Small Front Panel



This is a simple circuit with two buttons and two LEDs to control the D945GCLF Intel motherboard. Both power and reset buttons are included as well as hard disc activity  LED and power status LED. The special feature included is the sleep effect of Apple laptops on the power LED!

Design and Implementation

The design goals were:

Both power and reset buttons are included in the circuit as well as the LEDs and a pic 12F6xx microcontroller to generate the effect. No USB sockets are included. The connection to the motherboard is also easily done with a flat cable.


The circuit connects directly to the motherboard front panel header with SV1.


Each pin function is enumerated in the user's manual and also here for convenience.

MB plug 


Although the PCB has SMD components, they are placed at the bottom layer. LEDs, buttons and header are placed at the top side.



The performs one task: generate a sine wave and using it to control the brightness of the LED, via PWM.


Here are some pictures:




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  2. Intel d945gclf motherboard


Published on Saturday 2008/10/25, last modified on Sunday 2014/04/06