Other Activities



Other things I do, still uncategorized.


Pentium II Abit BH6-2 restoration

Remember when the Abit motherboards were the best for overclocking PentiumII and Celeron CPUs. Here you'll find the restoration process of an Abit BH6-2 motherboard.



Slot car racing track restoration (vintage)

This page contains pictures and videos of the minor restoration process I did to get my early 1980 slot car racing track with two lanes into working condition. Click here to jump to the restoration page.



How to use picc and MPLAB

This is a short video I created to show how to use HI-TECH's PICC C compiler and Microchip's MPLAB IDE to make and compile projects like my own.





Published on Saturday 2007/06/09, last modified on Friday 2017/05/12