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Linux and/or software based projects


Integrating Rational Purify with autotools

purify linux
IBM/Rational Purify® is an analysis software to help developers write reliable code. Integrating IBM/Rational Purify® into an autotools project can be quite simple actualy. Check it out.



GNU Screen Tips

screen linux
Screen is a nice utility to multiplex several consoles over a single connection to a remote machine. On this page you'll find a list of commands I find most useful for every day tasks on screen and settings to enable a status line.



VirtualBox Control script

ncd clone ccd picture
VirtualBox Control is a shell script application to manage virtual machines using the console.



Norton Change Directory clone

ncd clone ccd pictureThis is another clone of NCD, a great tool from Norton Utilities for DOS. The main diference from other clones is that it creates a database of all the directories and uses it to speed up the search. It also rotates along the directories that match the searched pattern, if more than one exists!



Using Netcat as a test server

ncd clone ccd pictureWhenever you need to test an application that sends and receives data through tcp sockets, use netcat as a bounce server.



LM Sensors for EPIA 5000

ncd clone ccd pictureStraightforward LM Sensors configuration for EPIA 5000 motherboard.



Video Editor

Video editor is a small utility I wrote in C++ / Qt 3.3 to edit and save pictures from raw YUV streams captured from the cameras of the robots (CAMBADA). It is still a test version but it works quite well.



VFD System Viewer

vfdVFD System Viewer is a hardware+software solution to present some system statistics to the user without making him login. It also serves as a nice display to place in the computer box if you have enough space!



Persistent connection to eduroam using OpenWRT

eduroamHow to configure your OpenWRT router to create a stand-alone solution to access your university's eduroam secured network and have a permanent connection to the internet!



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