Reviving the PC1



On this page you'll find pictures, videos and short descriptions of my adventures with a 30 year old Olivetti Prodest PC1.

The PC1 I own is a XT style computer with a single floppy with 512KB of RAM and no hard drive. There were two other models, one with dual floppy drives and the best one with a floppy and hard drive. This was one of the computers available in my school when I was somewhat younger.

If you're into old computers or retro computer scene, read on or just watch the pictures and videos.

For reference the PC1 does not provide the following lines:

More to come

Next step will be to connect the PC1 to the Internet... and it's finally published on its own page named Internet on the PC1. Be sure to check it for information on how to do it and watch the videos.



  1. Olivetti Prodest PC1 by John Elliott - Lots of useful technical information
  2. TI99 IUC | Olivetti Prodest PC1 - Very good PC1 fan page
  3. Olivetti Prodest PC1 on Facebook - Pictures, videos and more...


Published on Monday 2017/03/27, last modified on Saturday 2017/05/06