Internet on the PC1



Connecting an old computer to the internet is always fun! This page has all the instructions needed to connect an old Olivetti Prodest PC1 to the Internet, including pictures, videos and configuration snippets.

If you're into old computers, retro computer scene or simply because you think that connecting a 30+ year old computer to the Internet is fun read on or just look at the pictures and watch the videos.


More to come

This page is a WIP, please check regularly for updates.



  1. Olivetti Prodest PC1 by John Elliott - Lots of useful technical information
  2. TI99 IUC | Olivetti Prodest PC1 - Very good PC1 fan page
  3. Olivetti Prodest PC1 on Facebook - Pictures, videos and more...
  4. Reviving the PC1 - Another PC1 page here at Enide!
  5. 8 bit ISA Riser for the PC1 - The ISA Riser page here at Enide!


Published on Sunday 2017/04/30, last modified on Friday 2017/05/19