Website of Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa, Maiorca



This project started on January 2010 as an evolution of the previous website of the Portuguese Red-Cross delegation of my parent's village.

The new website is built with Joomla which is a very powerful and easy to use Content Management System with a lot of extensions available. Building a website in Joomla with some interactive features is a lot easier than coding it on your own.


I’ve found some very interesting extensions:

I'm using BreezingForms to create some registration forms and a database editing application on the website, SQL 2 Excel to easily create excel files from the database records and DirectPHP to create dynamic content pages on the fly, with php code.

This website gave me the opportunity to learn more about javascript and php, because my work is with C/C++ and not a web design.

This is a preview of the first release with the Mountain Bike competition flyer standing on the front page. Click the image to visit their website.


 cvp preview


Published on Monday 2010/03/08, last modified on Thursday 2012/02/23