Modem sounds


creative modem blaster


In this page you can find and listen to some sounds produced by analog POTS modems at different modulations, and bitrates.

The set of sounds was captured using a Creative Modem Blaster V.90 External that has a very bad line equalizer and many times failed to correctly communicate with my other modem, except at very low bitrates.

The phone line is simulated with a DeTeWe ISDN 4 lines Phone Exchange and the modem is always dialling to extension 13.


Bell 103 at 300bps

Bell 212 at 1200bps



V21 at 300bps

V22 at 1200bps



V32 modem sound trying to connect at 4800bps

V34 modem sound trying to connect at 4800bps



zoom faxmodem v.34


The answering modem is an old Zoom FaxModem V.34 with a maximum speed of 28.800 bps. It's still going strong after 18 years but nowadays is seldom used as a fax machine together with a HylaFax server.








Published on Wednesday 2013/12/18, last modified on Monday 2015/12/28