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Amstrad PPC 512 / 640 ISA Expansion Card

Category: Retro
Posted by: joao on 2021-04-01 00:00:00

amstrad ppc
Finally an ISA expansion card for the Amstrad PPC 512 and PPC 640 "portable" computers from 1987. I had this project on standby for several years until on January 2021 an YouTube video "reminded me" I had to finish it.
This expansion card will let you connect ISA cards to your Amstrad PPC computer, like for example an XT-IDE card or a VGA card and give a new life to these old computers.

Go to the Amstrad PPC 512 & 640 ISA Expansion Card page for more details.





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Published on Monday 2015/06/01, last modified on Friday 2015/06/12